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The Select Express™ Closing

We understand that at each and every closing, there are two sides to the table: the buyer and the seller. Each side has specific obligations and paperwork during the closing process. At Select Title, we cater to each client’s specific needs with our Select Express™ closing. As the buyer, you will have questions and we will have items to discuss that are personal and private. We will give you the appropriate time and attention to address your questions and to go over these items. As the seller, we do not bring you to the table until the buyer’s confidential paperwork is handled, so that once you arrive, we can focus on matters that pertain to you.

Our Select Express™ closing gives each party the attention to detail that is needed and saves everyone valuable time.

The way the process works is this: on the day of closing, the buyer arrives 30 minutes before the seller and is given a comprehensive explanation of all documents while having time alone with the attorney as they sign their paperwork to discuss down payments, interests rates, etc. and to answer any additional questions the buyer may have prior to the arrival of the seller. The seller then joins the closing and is presented a full explanation of their documents to be signed. Thus the buyer has the personal attention, privacy and time necessary to go over their specific questions, while the seller has the additional benefit of saving valuable time and not having to sit through paperwork that does not pertain to them.

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Opening Hours

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